Leading the charge for thoughtful criminal justice reform, I serve as Committee chair on a new docket management system for all courts that creates expectations and efficiency in the courts. I continuously strive to create a more humane and efficient way of seeing inmates immediately after being arrested to address bond concerns. I also understand that pervasive problems of racial and ethnic disparity have plagued our justice system for so long, so I strive to create equality for all people. Since taking my oath of office in 2017, I have presided over cases ranging from low-risk state jail felonies to capital murder.

Thoughtful bail reform on nonviolent, low to medium risk defendants

Spearheading a campaign to reduce recidivism among pretrial bond defendants

Leader in number of criminal jury trials - tried the most high-profile jury trials

Leader as a Star Drug Court Judge – empowering defendants with crippling addiction and high needs, while learning true success through their recovery

Twice awarded Prosecutor of the Year; Crime Victims Appreciation Award Winner; Gang Prosecutor of the Year

Representing the Board of Judges on the Harris County Coordinating Counsel and standing up for a better system

Spearheaded the implementation of the new mental health assessment to address the continued concern of mental health issues in our system

Judge Johnson discusses bail reform in Harris County.

juror comments

I have had jury duty a number of times and while having only been selected once years ago, I came away from your courtroom with a much better understanding of the whole proceedings. I appreciate the information you imparted to us and the manner in which you interacted with the group.

- Juror, 178th Criminal District Court

“I thought you did a great job in the Armstrong trial under such emotional circumstances. You were the epitome of the phrase “Grace under fire.” We need more judges like you.”
- Juror, 178th Criminal District Court

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